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Residential Roofing

Whether you have storm damage that can’t be fixed, a roof that has come to the end of its protective life for your home or commercial property, you have found the expert roofing replacement contractor to install your new roof. Our goal is to deliver quality work within the best time frame. While other companies take 3-5 days to complete the work, our crew's average time is 1-2 days depending on the size of the house.

New Roofing Installation

Before you have a new roof installed on your home, a few things have to happen to ensure it will last a very long time. The following events will take place during the install:

  • Roof Removal – The old roofing surface is completely stripped off, all the way down to the wood roof decking.
  • Roof Deck Repairs – Any damage to the decking of your roof will be properly repaired or replaced if necessary.
  • Underlayment – The tar paper substrate, often referred to as underlayment, is laid down to form a moisture barrier.
  • Roof Flashing – Metal channels or panels called flashing will be fastened to valleys and installed around walls and chimneys.
  • Roofing Material – Asphalt, Fiberglass Shingles, Wood Shakes, Metal, Slate, or TPO Roofing will be professionally installed.
  • Pipe Boots – Any pipes protruding through the roof get a flashing gasket called a pipe boot. This keeps water from penetrating around the pipe.
  • Ridge Vents – A ridge vent is a long, narrow type of ventilation installed at the top of the roof. Its main job is to remove hot moist air from the attic.
  • Clean-Up – All roofing debris is cleaned up from the property and properly disposed of.
When we’re all through, the only way you’ll be able to tell we were there is by the beautiful new roof you now have!

Roofing Repairs

Wind, rain, snow, sun, heat, and many other weather elements can cause damage to your roof. When there’s damage, it’s important that you call us for an inspection. Our roofing professionals respond immediately to your inquiry, providing expert inspection of the damage to ensure a proper repair. We can handle any type of residential roofing repair need, whether you’ve sustained a small amount of damage or require extensive repairs. We do the job right the first time around, adding to your peace of mind and safety. We pride ourselves on quality work on each and every job that we perform. Our customers are our family, and we never provide work that’s less than quality. Allowing a damaged roof to remain without repair is a mistake you should avoid. The damage will only worsen, increasing difficulty and expense to repair later down the line. Delaying repair also puts your safety on the line, as well as the protection of the items in your home that you’ve worked so hard to own.


Do you need to finance a new roof? We can help! If you need to make payments to have your old roof replaced McCrory Contracting is for you. Chances are you have been putting off replacing your old, worn-out, and leaky roof for some time now. Usually, it’s the cost of replacing a roof that holds most homeowners back from getting it done. We are proud to offer flexible financing through Alabama Power. There's enough on your plate without having to worry about finances. Let us help you get the roofing services you need without breaking the bank. You can get approved in less than 10 minutes! Call McCrory Contracting today at 251-979-8175 to get started. Click here to learn more!

Roofing Inspection

From the ground, homeowners can inspect their roof, detecting any noticeable problems so a professional can be consulted. However, you can’t see everything when you inspect from the ground. Only a roofing expert can climb on your roof and provide the thorough, up-close evaluation that your asphalt shingles need. Not only can our expert roof inspectors examine your roof’s exterior, looking for issues such as broken shingles or flashing, fascia, or soffit issues, they also look in less common areas of the roof to identify problems that may lead to bigger concerns. When our roofing experts complete the roof inspection, you’ll gain comfort knowing we’ve thoroughly evaluated every inch and corner for potential problems and current damage.

Insurance Claims

When your roof suffers damage from a storm, you can’t wait for the weather to let up before making repairs. Water entering your home can cause serious and expensive structural damage. If your roof has survived a hailstorm without visible damage, that doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there. When hail hits your roof, it can bruise or crack the shingle mat and allow water to slowly seep into your home. This may not happen the day after the storm, but over time the water will find its way in. It is difficult to determine whether a shingle roof needs to be replaced after a hailstorm because the damage is not readily apparent to the untrained eye. Our experts in roof repairs will take the time to check the entire roof structure and gutter system for hail damage, so you will not have unwelcome surprises in the future. Let Us Assist You With Insurance Claims McCrory Contracting also has experience in working with insurance companies and adjusters and can help coordinate your insurance claim to make sure you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled. This includes complete documentation of storm damage and repair estimates for insurance purposes.

Don't Rely on Storm Chasers

When a storm hits, we often see a lot of roofing contractors come in from out of the area to help assess and repair storm damage. Here at McCrory Contracting, we strongly advise against hiring these storm chasers because they may not provide honest, reliable, or long-lasting roofing services. Often times we end up going to job sites to fix leaks that were caused as a result of the work from these storm chasers. We know property owners need a quick fix when damage hits and we are here to help you with that immediate fix. Since we are a local roofing company, we also follow up on our work to ensure satisfaction and long-lasting protection for years after the work is done.

Roof Construction



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